Should there be persistent or annoying noises (other than tube noises or atmospheric static) present in reception, and disappearing when the antenna and ground are disconnected, a thorough investigation of electrical machinery in the neighborhood is advised, or the matter should be taken up with the local electric power company. Occasionally noise will be caused by poor contact of an electric light bulb or a poor connection somewhere in the house wiring fixtures; the remedy for this is obvious.
         Squealing noises in reception may be caused by the operation of, an old-style receiver of the regenerative type in a nearby house, since this type of receiver acts as a transmitter and sends these squeals into the air. Atwater Kent receivers are so designed that they do not squeal or radiate and, therefore, do not cause this annoyance.
         A continuous whistle on a certain dial setting is due to a “heterodyne” caused by two stations broadcasting on the same wave length or very nearly the same. The cause of this condition should eventually be eliminated by Government regulations.


         If for some reason your set should cease to function, we suggest the following procedure:
  1. Power Supply—Make sure that current is being supplied to the electric socket to which the set is attached. To check this, remove the cable plug of set from this socket and connect an ordinary lamp to the socket. If the lamp lights, there is no question that current is being supplied.

  2. Antenna and Ground—Check antenna and ground lead-in wires to see if they are properly connected to set. Inspect outside antenna installation (if used).

  3. Tubes—See if tubes are all lighted, and firmly seated in their sockets. Check the latter by pressing down gently but firmly on top of each tube (turn set switch off when doing this).

  4. Speaker—Note if speaker plug is properly seated in its socket.

  5. If the above tests fail to indicate anything wrong, the difficulty should be brought to the attention of the Atwater Kent dealer from whom the set was purchased. If this is impossible for any reason, we suggest you get in touch with the nearest Atwater Kent dealer, or you may write to the factory giving dealer’s name and serial number of set, and we will advise how to proceed in order to obtain the required service.

Atwater Kent tuned radio frequency receivers are licensed
only for radio amateur, experimental and broadcast reception.


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