can be placed alongside the table to provide a comfortable position for the listener, who may occasionally wish to tune in a different program or regulate volume.
              PANEL MODEL: In case the receiver is of the panel type, installed in a console or furniture type cabinet, the latter should be located in such a way as to make the best appearance and also take advantage of the acoustical arrangements of the room.


         When the receiver has been properly located, the next step is to connect the antenna and ground leads. Remove lid of receiver (if of table type). At the back of the metal case of receiver, in the lower left corner (when facing front of set) will be found two holes, with a plate above indicating the purpose of the three binding posts located on the chassis just inside these holes. Of the two posts inside the larger (extreme left) hole, one is to be selected for connection to the antenna lead-in. The outside (left) one of these two posts should be used for a medium or long antenna and the other (center of the three) should be used if a short antenna, about 30 feet long or so, is used. The third (right hand or inside) post is for the ground wire.
         Scrape about 1/4 inch of insulation off the ends of the antenna and ground lead-in wires. Pass the antenna lead-in thru the larger hole and connect to one of the two antenna posts as instructed above. Connection is made by pressing down the top of the post with the finger and inserting the wire thru the hole which this exposes in the side of the post. Releasing the finger secures the wire.
         Follow the same procedure with the ground wire, passing it thru the smaller (right hand) hole, and connecting to the corresponding post inside.
         Note: —In panel model, the antenna and ground connections are made direct to proper posts, thru back of the console, which is open.


         Pass the four-pronged plug located at the end of the cord attached to the Atwater Kent Electro-dynamic Speaker, thru the large hole at the lower left rear of the receiver cabinet, through which the antenna lead-in will have already been passed. (Note:—In panel model, back of set is entirely open and speaker plug can be placed direct into its socket.) Insert this plug into the extreme rear socket as per the identifying metal plate alongside this socket. Make. sure that the two thick prongs are inserted into the two larger holes. Note that this plug socket is a trifle smaller than any of the tube sockets, consequently it will be impossible to insert a tube in this socket, and equally impossible to insert this plug into any other socket. This plug should never be removed while the “on-off” switch of set is in the “on” position.
         The speaker can be located in any convenient place within reach of the length of its cord from the set. Since the performance of a speaker may be found to vary slightly with its position in the room, it will be best to try it out in several locations. Refer to instruction sheet furnished with speaker for further information.
             Note: —In connection with panel type receivers, the speaker furnished will be of the “chassis” type, and is installed in console in accordance with instructions accompanying consoles and “chassis” type speaker.

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