Fig. 2


should be inserted at either end of the antenna just below the support, and the lead-in wire should be supported on insulators and brought thru the window by means of a porcelain tube or by connection to a “window-strip” lead-in.
         The use of a standard lightning arrester is recommended if an outside antenna is employed. This should be installed in accordance with directions supplied with it.

         A satisfactory ground connection is absolutely essential to the proper performance of the Models 55 and ó0. A “ground clamp,” with directions for attaching, is furnished with the receiver, and should be attached to the nearest water pipe or radiator, the former being preferred.
         A length of ordinary bell wire or other insulated wire can be used for connecting the ground clamp to the ground post on the receiver.

Preliminary Procedure
         Some thought should be given to the best location for the receiver, with a view to convenience in tuning, and handy connection to the antenna lead-in and ground lead. An electric outlet receptacle must also be within reach of the length of the power cord attached to set.
         TABLE MODEL: We suggest placing the set on a fairly low table or bench, the terminals of antenna or ground wires being brought down for convenient attachment to receiver after its location has been decided upon. An easy chair


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