Installing Antenna and Ground
         Owing to the extreme sensitivity of the Models 55 and 60, the use of an outside antenna is not necessary under ordinary conditions. We suggest for the average installation, an inside antenna consisting of a 30 or 40-foot length of insulated wire, such as lamp cord, or the special silk-covered wire made and sold expressly for inside antenna use. This wire can be arranged, concealed if desired, in any convenient manner, such as entirely around the room along the baseboard, or in a spiral form under the rug, or best of all in a straight length thru a hallway. The main points of importance are that it should be as high above the ground as practical and arranged as nearly in a straight line or continuous stretch as is possible with the conditions available and type of installation selected. It should be kept away from metal framework, etc., where possible. One of the most popular forms of inside antenna installation is shown in outline in Fig. 1.

Fig. 1

         In locations a considerable distance from broadcasting stations or under conditions where the maximum possible distance and volume are required, an outside antenna may be desirable. The standard single wire “inverted L" type is usually best, a stretch of from 40 to 80 feet horizontally, as high as possible above the ground and clear of surrounding objects being very satisfactory. Fig. 2 contains sketches of typical outside antenna installations.
         The lead-in wire should be soldered to the antenna wire. It should be of insulated wire and as short and direct as possible. Porcelain or glass insulators


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