Instructions for
Atwater Kent Models 55 and 60 Receivers

General information
HE ATWATER KENT MODELS 55 and 60 are A. C. receivers, embodying several radically new features of design. They are intended for use with electro-dynamic speakers requiring a D. C. field current, such as the Atwater Kent type F-4 (Electro-dynamic) speaker, the use of which is recommended with these receivers.
         Models 55 and 60 are designed for operation on standard 100-120 volt, 50-60 cycle alternating current house lighting circuits. It is suggested that the purchaser make certain that the current supply at his home is of the above type before attempting to place the set in operation. The best way to obtain this information is to communicate with the local electric or power company.
         These sets employ a circuit of tuned radio frequency amplification, using the new type “screen-grid” A. C. tubes, and consequently afford unusual sensitivity. The special audio amplification circuit, employing two of the new type power tubes in a “double audio” arrangement, assures practically any desired volume without distortion, from the electro-dynamic speaker.
         The four controls are grouped centrally in the front of the set, viz.: the power supply switch, to turn the set “on” or “off,” the Illuminated Tuning Dial for selecting the desired program, the volume control for regulating the volume of reception, and a “local-distance” switch, whereby the volume may be reduced in a considerable degree for local reception. The operation is therefore very simple.

Parts Packed With Receiver
         The following parts are packed in individual wrapping in the same carton with the receiver, and should be located before proceeding with the installation.
                 One (1) heavy metal tube cap (for detector tube).
                 One (1) ground clamp.

Equipment Required
         The following equipment is required in connection with these models, in order to have a complete installation.
    One (1) Atwater Kent type F-4 Electro-dynamic speaker (or other similar type speaker). Do not use any other Atwater Kent Model.
             Note:—With receivers for installation in console, we suggest Atwater Kent type F-4C chassis style electro-dynamic speaker.
    Two (2) Type UY-224 or C-324 tubes. (3 of these if Model 60.)
    Two (2) Type UY-227 or C-327 tubes.
    Two (2) Type UX-245 or CX-345 tubes.
    One (1) Type UX-280 or CX-380 tube.
    Antenna and ground equipment (description follows).

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